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Jonathan Lynch

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Welcome to our website, we hope
you will have a wonderful
time with us in November!

Ohenewa Anno

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I am excited for our official union,
to meet you all  and reconnect with old buddies!
Feel free to call or email me to connect
ahead of time: 

~An image capturing the awkward moments during the early days of cat and mouse, before the couple finally went on a date.~

Back in 2012, the couple ‘coincidentally’ first met in at the beginning of new chapters in their lives. Ohenewa was in her last few months at Ringling college. Jon had just left his hometown in Madison Wisconsin for the first time ever! He was on a roadtrip traveling the different states he ended up in Sarasota where he had to get started using his Psychology degree. 

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~A lovely sunset on their very first date.~

The moment worth mentioning is when Ohenewa rode her bike over to visit her buddy Ben Raymonvill; Jon walked out of his house and his eyes lit up with love when he saw Ohenewa with her red afro, blue dress on her bike. Ohenewa was apprehensive of him but remained friendly. After several months of cat and mouse Ohenewa and Jon went on their first date at Livingstons arcade.

~Meeting Jon's Family in Wautoma Wisconsin.~

~Meeting Ohenewa's Family in Accra Ghana.~

They hit it off and spent one year together having fun in the hot Sarasota Sun. Then unfortunately Ohenewa had to leave the country due to an expired F1 student visa, they were apart for 3 long treacherous years. During that time Ohenewa did all she could to get back to her soulmate, she worked on her design work and was awarded an O1b visa for extraordinary artists. That is when she came back to Florida. At this time Jon was in Wisconsin and they quickly reconnected. After living in Wisconsin for one year together they went on many travels and eventually ended up in Alaska. It was finally time to visit the folks in Ghana. This is when Jon FINALLY decided to propose as the fireworks went off on new years eve 2020! It was a magical time with fireworks and the Ghanaian heat. Both couples families were elated! After one year of grinding at their professions they want to settle down and celebrate their union officially in front of friends and family.


We are excited to see all the faces who have been an important part of our past and present very soon for our Wedding Nov 1st 2022!  

We wanted to make a photo collage with all our guests but it was just too hard 🙁 Just know we are still thinking of you <3 much love-the website artist.